By Lisa Steinberg

Q.  Are there any recent projects that you are working on besides "One Tree Hill?"

A.  I recorded an episode of "Charmed" at the beginning of the year, it was just like one scene with Alyssa Milano and then I did an independent feature called Sea of Fear which hasn't been released yet but I shot that last year. That's probably the most recent stuff here in America.

Q.  Can you tell us a bout the movie Sea of Fear and your character Tom?
A.  It's a thriller and we shot it mostly in marinas here in L.A. and it's about some college students who charter a boat for like a holiday and things start to happen on the boat, like people start dying. My character Tom is like the ring leader of the college kids and it was his idea to charter the boat.

Q.  You've recently been appearing on the show "One Tree Hill" as a young professor.  Growing up, did you always want to be an actor?
A.  Yeah I did, absolutely, I started learning films since I was really young, probably seven or eight, I saw the movie Raiders of the Lost Arc, that's the movie that made me want to be an actor. 

Q.  You play the love interest for Moira Kelly, can we expect Andy to stick around a while?
A.  I'd say at this stage it looks like it, I know that I'm going back in two weeks to continue filming and I'm going to be at least in a few more episodes, that's what they tell me so far, so I concur, yeah.

Q.  What has been your most memorable moment so far from filming "One Tree Hill?"
A.  I think that tonight's episode is pretty good (10/26) what it is, is that my character has fifty million dollars so tonight when he takes Karen out on a date he takes her to his back yard. We actually shot it down in Wilmington, that's public gardens and it's a spectacular place, there are lakes and it's got this amazing really big trees and gardens everywhere-that's Andy's back yard.  That was fun to shoot, we had fun with that one.

Q.  What is it like for you filming in chilly North Carolina?
A.  It's actually not that cold, it's been humid out there, we're just missing out on all of these hurricanes. 

Q.  You've appeared on a few WB shows, what makes working for the network so appealing?
A.  To be honest, I am just starting out so I just audition and whatever I get, I get. I'm not sure if there is a lot of choice about it.

Q.  You worked with Barry Corbin on the movie No One Can Hear You, what was it like reuniting with him on "One Tree Hill?"
A.  It was great, we actually have seen each other briefly because we don't have any scenes together or anything like that.  It was fun and just walked up and gave him a bit of surprise, he hadn't seen me in four years and I think he was quite surprised to see me turn up in Wilmington.
I didn't even know that he was on the show, so I got a bit of a surprise myself! 

Q.  Halloween is approaching, what is is your favorite scary movie?
A.  I think that Psycho is a good one.

Q.  What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
A.  I like to draw, drawing is kind of like my main hobby, I like painting and drawing like comic books and stuff. I read a lot, I'm a big history buff, that sort of thing.

Q.  Before making an appearance on a television show, do you check out any previous episodes?
A.  I guess I started on the fourth episode of the season so I watched the first three before I got on, it sort of gives me an idea of the tone of the show because I hadn't seen any of the first season.

Q.  Is there anything that you'd like to say to your fans and supporters?
A.  I think it's great that if I have any fans and supporters out there and thank you and I'm really glad to be working here in America after my career has been in New Zealand so I'm glad to be starting things here having more things for people to watch. So thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy what I am doing. 

10/29/2004 11:25:06 PM

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