Kiwi Charms

In February Kieren booked a guest part on the popular show "Charmed". He played Mitch, one of many men that Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) speed-dated on her search for Mr. Right. Kieren kindly answered a few questions about his work on the episode "Spin City".

Did you know the show before you landed the role?
Yes. my wife Nicole watches it a lot.

How many days were you on the set?
Just the one. actually, I was all done in one morning.

How was the working atmosphere?
Nice and friendly, similar to New Zealand.

Did you get your clothes from the wardrobe department or did you have to bring your own?
I wore my own clothes. that jacket is from the only suit I own.

Did anything funny happen on the set? Like did anyone get confused with the many names your character was called?
I don't think I was there long enough for anything like that. I guess the funny thing is that the lines in the scene were pretty much the only conversation Alyssa and I had before I was on my way home!

Do you believe in magic?
Sure. I think there are a lot of things we don't understand in this world, so why not.

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