In November 2003 Kieren was cast in one of the leading parts for the independent thriller "Sea of Fear", written and directed by Andrew Schuth. The production of the film was recently completed. Here's a preview interview with Kieren about "Sea of Fear".

Tell us something about the audition for the part.
It was over quickly and there was only one of them, which is unusual in LA (more often you get called back a few times). I auditioned on Saturday, got the part on Tuesday and was on set filming my 1st scene the next morning.

Did you meet any of your co-stars during the audition?
Nope. Andrew was there, the producer and the casting director.

How many days were you filming?
I worked pretty much every day for a month.

Did you shoot only on location or in a studio as well?
It was all location, in a beautiful area called Marina del Rey in LA. The beach was right by LAX airport, so we had to deal with the sound of the planes taking off. The interiors of the boat were in the actual boat and the water shots were a few miles off the coast.

Coming from Auckland, the city of sails, did you have any sailing experience prior to "Sea of Fear"?
Ironically enough, no, not really. We spent a lot of time at the beach, but we weren't a sailing family. I did take a small boat out for a spin in Fiji once though, if that counts.

Was working on the sail boat challenging at times?
Yeah, there were a few sick people when we spent all day out on the water. I'm proud to say I wasn't one of them though. managed to keep my lunch.

How was working with director Andrew Schuth?
It's great working with someone so passionate and excited. This is his baby, he wrote the script as well as directing, so he was having a great time and that's infectious.

How was working with cinematographer Marco Cappetta?
Beautiful pictures from Marco, beautiful. The whole camera department spoke Italian to each other which I loved.

Did you enjoy working on the film?
Very much. Working on the boat reminded me of the boat stuff on Swiss Family Robinson all those years ago. It's like a little adventure - the actors and crew crammed together in this small area, out at sea, making a movie..

Did anything unusual/remarkable happen on set?
Nothing too unusual. I cut my hand one day when I had to shot a scene in the water miles from shore which made me a little nervous about sharks. Edward Albert (the captain in the film) mentioned that seals are shark food and there had been bunches of them around our boat all day, so couldn't get out of the water fast enough after that! *

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