Kieren Hutchison plays 19-year old Steven in the TV series Wendy [Riding High]. The character is training to become a blacksmith and is Wendy's boyfriend in the first couple of episodes of the show. As Kieren is already a professional actor his agent had found this role for him.

"I was very glad when I got this part. It sounded very interesting and filming it has been a lot of fun!"

The nice young man lives in Auckland in the north of New Zealand with his parents and two brothers, with whom he gets along very well. In his spare time Kieren likes to go to the movies or to the beach to relax. On weekends he goes dancing with friends."I think my friends like my casual and natural attitude as I always try to look at the bright side of life. Only my indecisiveness drives them crazy at times."

And what part do girls play in Kieren's life? "Girls are very, very important to me! However, at the moment I am single, as my girl friend Ashleigh and I have split up. She is an actress as well and we are still good friends."

On the show Steven also splits up with Wendy. Did Kieren benefit from his own experience for this? "Yes, I believe I did a little. Like Steven I have been blinded by love in the past. Since then I have matured somewhat in that regard and I think, I did the scene where Steven splits up with Wendy quite well."

The most important thing in Kieren's life, however, is his profession that he loves above all else. Kieren was part of every drama production at school and he never wanted to become anything else. Today Kieren is a well-known actor in his native New Zealand and much in demand there. So when his stint on "Wendy" ended, the next job was already waiting for him!

Personal Description: Kieren Hutchison
favourite animal: cat
favourite meal: Chinese
favourite beverage: beer
favourite job: actor
favourite movie: Pulp Fiction (1994)
favourite country: New Zealand
favourite music: rock
favourite band/singer: Elvis Presley, George Michael, Nirvana, U2
favourite past time: acting
favourite book: "Songs My Mother Taught Me" by Marlon Brando
favourite magazine: Premiere (movie magazine)
favourite comic: Batman
favourite colour: blue
favourite clothes: jeans & t-shirt
favourite car: MG

Kieren Hutchison - Steven, Blind vor Liebe
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