Transcript form the MAKING OF interview with Kieren Hutchison who plays Ernst Robinson (1996) from the Specials of the Swiss Family Robinson - The Complete Series - DVD Box (released November 2005)

My son Ernst, our oldest. A young man just coming of age. He's a writer. Defiant... fearless... and tender. One day he will tell our story.

Kieren: I quite enjoyed playing Ernst. He was an interesting character from the point of view that where he began and the way he was on the island, and things like that. He really sort of grew up throughout the series. And he had quite an interesting relationship with his father, I thought. He really looked up to his father. But then there was a space of time on the island where they ended up clashing because he wanted to leave the island and his father was sort of thinking it was a better idea to stay.

The storm sequence we did was really cool. I mean, when myself and Richard had to go up on deck and were getting buffeted by waves and rain. We had a lot of fun there. I mean, a couple of those waves really took us of our feet, I remember. It's a good wave gushing down, you know. It was great!


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