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KIEREN HUTCHISON - Andy in "One Tree Hill"

Who says movies can't inspire great things? Take Kieren Hutchison for example. If it hadn't been for Raiders of the Lost Ark, there's a good chance this New Zealand transplant, who has just taken up residence on One Tree Hill as Karen's new love interest, would have never left Auckland. After seeing Raiders when he was just a wee tot, there's was nothing that was gonna stop Hutchison from acting. Since then, Hutchison's made good on his goal with down under roles in everything from the local Auckland soap, Shortland Street to repeated appearances in Xena and Hercules. And now? Here, Hutchison tells you all about what it's like to make his first really big splash as Tree Hill's Andy.

My character is: "Obviously a bit of a computer whiz considering he's earned, like, fifty million dollars on the Internet. The amazing thing is that he has all this money, and yet he wants to teach college. That says a lot about the guy's integrity."

If I had fifty million bucks: "I don't think I would be teaching. That says bad things about me and good things about Andy. I think the first thing I'd probably do is travel. (Laughing) I know...I could become an archeologist adventure type like Raiders of The Lost Ark."

On being paid to bat those baby blues: "I don't think there's such a thing as fake flirting, especially with a character like Andy. This guy has way too much fun. It's easy [portraying] Karen's toy boy, er, I mean boy toy."

Making in big in America is: "Yeah, I guess you could say this is my debut. The only other thing was a blink-and-miss-it scene with Alyssa Milano on Charmed. I don't think that really counts. [One Tree Hill] is definitely a little more air time."

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